10 Steps to Mend a Suitcase

With the holidays at the door, learn how to pack your suitcase without major headaches!

10 Steps to Mend a Suitcase

Inherent to the period of the holiday is the act of making bags travel.

And although many people may not think the joke of this matter, we cannot doubt that when it comes to a bag of holiday there is always a smile of happiness that it anticipates from the outset the happy moments and quiet that await us.


To prolong this sensation or to minimize the anxiety of those who hates to make bags, we bring to you today a list of 10 steps that will help greatly in achieving (with success!) this task. Here goes:

1. First of all, we must choose a travel bag quality. Can be a little more expensive, but you will certainly have a greater durability. Who ever came out of the baggage claim area with one suitcase in pieces? Maybe, it was one of those more baratinhas…

2. The second point passes for thinking on the characteristics of the destination to which we move. It is important to know the weather will be like and also cultural habits.

3. To do lists. The lists are great allies in these times. How many days will you stay? Go to the field? To the beach? It will be a journey of the city? Will be only moments of leisure and relaxation, or are counting to have a more formal, for example a dinner in a place more fancy?

4. It is crucial we set up the coordinate that we want to lead and try to be as versatile as possible. A pair of shorts can be coordinated with many tops different? Imports by this group and edit the outfits, taking into account the scenarios defined in the previous point.

5. Bet on the accessories! The earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and scarves practically not heavy and with the various options it will be possible to compose looks very varied.

6. To gain the most space possible, fill in all the spaces possible. For example, why not put the accessories in pouches within of the shoes?

7. Do not forget to distribute the weight for the suitcase. The more pieces heavy should stay at the bottom and the lightest on top.

8. Another method that is practical and which avoids creases in clothing is precisely to roll clothing instead of folding it. In this way, the parts will arrive at the destination much more presentable!

9. Make use of the plastic. The things that are most sensitive should be in a plastic bag, including the shoes for questions of hygiene and the bottles, so that in this way avoid that if you open up and cause chaos, making a mess and smearing the whole outfit.

10. And never forget to prepare a kit SOS. Lip balm or moisturizer of lips, hot spring water, a change of underwear, toiletries and beauty products in a miniature version are some of the items impossible. In the case of travel by plane, do not forget to take with you the jewelry that may eventually want to take to the holiday destination, as well as a pair of socks and a écharpe to work around the differences of temperature.