Carboxiterapia for Cellulite: How It Works, What the Results and Risks

The procedure is an excellent aesthetic treatment to eliminate cellulite located in the buttocks and the back and inner thighs. This treatment consists in applying a few injections in the skin, containing only carbonic gas, which produces satisfactory results in the elimination of localized fat deposits and increase firmness of the skin in these regions, leaving the butt ‘hairless’ and the skin firmer, eliminating the appearance of ‘orange peel’, typical of cellulite.

The price of the procedure for cellulite can vary between 200 to 600 reais, depending on the number of sessions and in the region where the treatment is performed.

Carboxiterapia for Cellulite How It Works, What the Results and Risks 1

The results of the procedure for cellulite

The results can be observed, on average, after 7 sessions of treatment, which should be carried out with an interval of 1 time per week. To measure the results you can take photos before and after, or use a small thermography equipment to check the temperature of the area of each local affected. Normally, cellulite is found in the largest number of cooler areas, and therefore when the thermography shows a temperature increase in each region, the result is satisfactory.

After about 7 to 10 sessions, it is possible to notice a good reduction in the degree of cellulite. Areas of cellulite with grade IV can reach the III degree, and with the persistence of the treatment, you can reach to grades II and I, where the cellulite is only noticeable when pressing on the muscle, being invisible to the eye in a, in a resting position.

How it works the procedure for cellulite

Carboxiterapia for Cellulite How It Works, What the Results and Risks 2

The treatment procedure for cellulite is to apply small injections of carbon dioxide gas directly into the skin of the buttocks and of the thighs, as a consequence, there is a rise in the circulation of local blood, removal of toxins, elimination of fat cells, and greater firmness and support the skin.

The injections are applied at a distance of about 10 to 12 cm distance of the other and can cause some pain, but tolerable. You can use an anesthetic cream prior to the session to make the procedure more comfortable.

Risks of the procedure for cellulite

The procedure is a therapy that when well applied, has almost no risks to health. The changes that often arise after the sessions are pain at the injection site and crackle that do not last more than 30 minutes, small purple spots on the skin may also arise, but disappear in 7 to 10 days.

The procedure should not be performed during pregnancy, in cases of allergy activates in the skin, obesity, active herpes, heart or lung disease.

Carboxiterapia for Cellulite How It Works, What the Results and Risks 3