Do You Dare You with Lanvin Sleeveless Shirt?

I’ve seen many shirts since I more or less started to interest me in the world of fashion, but I think that I am not mistaken if I say that I had never seen a presitigio firm to design a sleeveless shirt. Maybe I’m wrong and there was a complete collection several seasons ago of don’t know what designer that fashion these shirts, but to me the truth is that not sounds.

Do you think you? Would you be able to bring an equal? I doubt it even more if I start to investigate what is its price, although you can look good in a Ibiza context casual and cool … I retract, it seems to be too tight as to look good.

And after seeing this shirt which, incidentally, it belongs to the collection Spring-summer 2011 of Lanvin, I could not help remind one of Zara We review some time ago and that I continues to produce moderate pain of retina see it:

But back to the topic, do you have any sleeveless shirt? And if not, would you dare with this (or a similar) Lanvin?