How It Works the Procedure for Stretch Marks

The procedure is an excellent treatment to take away stretch marks white, red or purple because it regenerates the skin and reorganizes the collagen fibres and elastin, leaving the skin more uniform.

The sessions of carboxitherapy should not be performed during pregnancy and or during breastfeeding, especially if the goal is to take away the stretch marks of the breasts, because during breastfeeding, the breasts increase and decrease in size daily, that may cause new stretch marks.

How much does it cost

The price of the procedure for stretch marks is approximately 300 dollars per session, and the number of sessions varies according to the amount of stretch marks and their size.

In this way, it is always important to make an appointment for evaluation before the session to find out how many sessions may be required and which the price. In the majority of cases it is recommended to do at least 4 sessions.

How It Works the Procedure for Stretch Marks 1

How it works the procedure for stretch marks

The gas injected during the session of carboxitherapy is the carbon dioxide which, in contact with the cells of the skin, leads to the formation of more fibroblasts that stimulate the production of collagen and fibronectin, and glycoprotein, molecules of the connective tissue,
facilitating the repair of the skin sharply and quickly.

To make the treatment, are followed by the following steps:

  • Numb the skin with creams own to reduce the discomfort;
  • Demarcate the area that will be treated, by dividing large areas by quadrants of up to 10 cm;
  • Apply the gas directly into the stretch marks, being made approximately one injection every inch of the ridge;

The injections are made using a very fine needle, similar to those used to apply botox in the lips.

How It Works the Procedure for Stretch Marks 2

Carboxiterapia for stretch marks hurt?

By being a procedure that hurts a little, it is only recommended for those who cannot bear well the pain caused by the needle entering the skin, and the amount of gas that is injected. The pain can be characterized as in the shape of a twinge, burning or stinging and may be throbbing, but it tends to diminish in intensity each treatment session. Usually, after the 4th session, the pain is more bearable and the results can be seen to the naked eye, which increases the willingness to stay in treatment.

What are the results of carboxiterapia for stretch marks

The results of the procedure for stretch marks may be observed, on average, after the 5th session, but best results are observed when the technique is combined with chemical peeling. In this case we can observe a 80% reduction in just 4 sessions.

Although the results are better in the stretch marks purple and red, by being more recent and better irrigated, stretch marks white can also be mitigated with the sessions of carboxitherapy.

In addition to give good results in the elimination of stretch marks, stretch marks removed usually do not come back, but it will need to avoid large variations of weight and keep the skin well hydrated.

How It Works the Procedure for Stretch Marks 3