How to Get the Guy to Sleep

To take the look sleepy, when you wake up what you can do is take a cold water bath because it quickly decreases the swelling and gives more disposition for the daily tasks. Apply a cold compress on the face soon after it is also an excellent option for ny mostly the eyes, and to complete the process, we can apply a makeup that opens the eyes and raises the look.

The swelling of the face mainly happens when you wake up when the person slept many hours in a row or when you are not rested enough, and rarely represents any health problem, such as fluid retention. However, when this happens frequently, and if the hands and feet also become swollen often is given a medical evaluation.

Step-by-step for ny the face to wake up

1. Take a cold shower

The benefits of taking a shower cold in the morning, which include the awakening and the improvement of blood circulation, which helps to eliminate excess fluid between the cells quickly and effectively. In addition the person is more willing to your daily tasks.

How to Get the Guy to Sleep 1

2. Make a scrub on the face

You can use an exfoliating industrialized, or make a mixture homemade cornmeal with cream, moisturizer, and rub into the skin with circular movements. This helps to open the pores, eliminate dirt, and give more softness and luminosity to the skin.

3. Apply a cold compress

Have a compress of gel within the refrigerator is a good strategy to always have an easy feature and that achieves excellent results, always on hand. You should put the compress on the face, and to remain lying down or down on the couch or in bed, for about 10 to 15 minutes. The facial swelling should diminish quickly, and then it must prepare the skin for the next step, by applying a tonic and moisturizing facial.

Those who do not have a compress of gel in the fridge you can wrap a piece of ice on a sheet of napkin and pass it all over the face with circular movements, especially around the eyes.

4. Make a facial drainage

How to Get the Guy to Sleep 2

Following you must do a manual lymphatic drainage to definitely eliminate the swelling of the face. To this must be to stimulate the lymph nodes near the collarbone and on the side of the neck and then make the moves that ‘push’ fluids to the lymphatic system.

5. Usar a maquiagem certa

The following, you should apply a base layer is not oily or BB cream all over face, and after you invest in makeup on the eyes, using shades of shade that are darker and smudge with brush, smudge brush and angled. You can still use mascara and eyeliner in the upper part of the eyes, and use a eye pencil white on the water line in the inner corner of the eye, to ‘open look’. After you should-if you end replacing the blush by the bronze and wear lipstick, with the colors of your preference.

6. Hold the hair

Hold your hair in a bun or make a ponytail on the top of the head are also strategies that help to keep the face more thinner and that helps to open up the look.

7. Breakfast diuretic

To end the task it is recommended to have a coffee in the morning, a diuretic, preferring to eat fruit and take ginger tea, for example. Not if you should consume foods rich in sodium, such as industrialized as bacon, ham, or ham, or salty snacks fried or baked goods first thing in the morning. During the day you should remember to drink plenty of water and herbal teas and diuretics such as black tea and green tea, without sugar, throughout the day.

How to Get the Guy to Sleep 3

These strategies are excellent to eliminate the guy of sleep in a short time and are easy to follow, but to bet on health and avoid waking up with a tired-looking, should avoid stress, observe the hours of sleep, and take vacations whenever possible, to rest the body and the mind.