How to Take Under Eye Dark Circles

To take the eye dark circles, you can-if you resort to home treatments simple, such as cucumber, chamomile, potato or ice, but there are also creams anti dark circles, and aesthetic treatments such as laser and peeling with acids, for example.

The home treatments show better results for the dark circles that appear from time to time, because if you slept poorly, if he spent the night crying or is very tired, for example. As for the dark circles under the eyes very dark and deep, it is usually necessary to resort to specialized treatments performed by doctors or physiotherapists, specialists.

Options home treatment

Some great choices of home made treatments for dark circles are:

How to Take Under Eye Dark Circles 1

  1. Apply a cold compress of chamomile teafor 5 minutes before going to sleep and when you wake up, because the chamomile soothes the skin and the cold temperature decreases the size of blood vessels, lightening the eye area;
  2. Put slices of potato or cold slices of cucumberand let sit for approximately 15 minutes, the temperature makes a vasoconstricção, leaving the area less swollen and cucumber and potato lighten skin naturally;
  3. Put a piece of aluminum foil ice-cream on the varies, for about 15 minutes. This technique works in the same way that the potato, while contracting the vessels and reducing the appearance of varies;
  4. Pass a stone of ice for 10 secondsand repeat up to 3 times, after waking up, because the cold causes the little vessels of the skin constrict, decreasing the depth varies and whitening it naturally.

In addition, eating well, drinking plenty of water, get enough rest, stop smoking, avoid stress and sleepless nights are also a few ways to prevent the onset or worsening of dark circles under the eyes.

Aesthetic treatments specialized

Some of the cosmetic treatments performed in clinics to remove dark circles under the eyes include:

  1. Creams for dark circles under the eyes: they must be prescribed by a dermatologist and to help decrease the blood vessels, relieve congestion in the area and lighten it. The cream should be applied at night on the dark circles, with circular movements in counter-clockwise direction, from the outside to the inner corner of the eyes, until it is completely absorbed.
  2. Peeling with acid (retinoico or glucoside): Powerful, aesthetic treatment, which achieves great results, being especially indicated for cases varies genetics, very dark and well marked;
  3. Laser: Excellent treatment that should be done by the dermatologist or physical therapist specialized, which can eliminate a good part of the varies and in some cases even eliminate it.

How to Take Under Eye Dark Circles 2

Whatever therapy you choose, you must be aware that if the dark circles are genetic in origin, they probably will never be totally eliminated, but can be mitigated with the treatments above mentioned.

How to get dark circles with makeup

To take dark circles with makeup it is necessary to apply a good concealer for dark circles under the eyes, with a tone lighter than your skin color. Some good corrective for dark circles are:

  • Brush corrector dark circles under the eyes green, the Avene;
  • Broker anti-dark circles of Eye care;
  • Broker net Mary kay.

To use the concealer to dark under-eye circles properly, with a brush apply a small amount of the product as shown in the image, and then from dimming the brush in the skin, so that it fills the region.

To take the eye dark circles, use concealer yellow, to take away dark circles under the eyes reddish, use a concealer green and to take away dark circles under the eyes yellow, use the spell-lilac.

How to take off dark circles under the eyes caused by crying

How to Take Under Eye Dark Circles 3

To take away the dark circles under the eyes caused by crying, you can perform a good lymphatic drainage facial, as quickly it slows down the swelling of the eyes, and brightens dark circles.