Laser Hair Removal in the Groin: How It Works and How Many Sessions Do

Laser hair removal in the groin it can eliminate practically all those in the region in about 4-6 sessions of hair removal, but the number of sessions can vary according to each case, and in people with very light skin and hair dark the results are faster.

After the initial sessions is necessary to have a maintenance session per year, to eliminate the hairs that are born after this time period. Each session of laser hair removal will give you a price of 250 to 300 actual, both for the man as for the woman, however, may vary according to the clinic selected, and the size of the region that will be treated.

Hair removal laser in the groin hurts?

Laser hair removal in the groin hurts causing the feeling of burning and aches to each shot, because by this area of the body is thicker, but it also has more penetration of the laser and hence the result is faster, with fewer sessions.

Laser Hair Removal in the Groin How It Works and How Many Sessions Do 1

It is not recommended to apply lotion to anesthetic prior to treatment, because it is necessary to remove all the layers of skin moisturiser prior to application, to enhance the penetration of the laser. In addition, in the first shot you need to check whether the pain felt is more localized in the region of by, or if it was with some blazing more than 3 seconds after shooting. Knowing this is important to be able to regulate the wave length of the equipment, avoiding skin burns.

How is the waxing

To do the laser hair removal in the groin, the therapist uses a device laser, which emits a wave length that just reaches the place where the hair grows, called the bulb hair-eliminating-o.

In this way, the by the of the treated region is completely deleted, but as there are usually other follicles immature, that still does not show for, these are not affected by the laser, and continue their development. The result of this is the emergence of new, which appear after the permanent hair removal, this being an event normal and expected. Thus, it is necessary to take more 1 or 2 sessions of maintenance, after 8-12 months after the end of treatment.

When it comes to the results

Usually it takes about 4-6 sessions for the hair in the groin to be fully eliminated, but the time interval between sessions will increase and, therefore, women do not need to worry about hair removal every few months.

Laser Hair Removal in the Groin How It Works and How Many Sessions Do 2

Soon after the 1st session, the hair fall completely in about 15 days, and can be carried out an exfoliation of the skin in this region. The next session should be marked with the range between 30-45 days and during this period they can perform the hair removal with wax or tweezers, because the hair can’t be pulled out by the root. In case of need you should only use a blade or a depilatory cream.

Care after waxing

After the depilation laser in the groin is normal that the area becomes reddish, and the locations of the hairs are red and swollen, so some care is recommended include:

  • Use loose-fitting clothing such as a skirt or dress to not rub the skin, prefer cotton underwear;
  • Apply a soothing lotion on the region shaved;
  • Do not expose the area and shaved it in the sun for 1 month, or use self-tanner, so as not to stain the skin.

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