Meaning of Anonymous

Anonymous is a concept that comes from the Greek language and can be translated as “nameless”. This adjective can be applied to a work that does not bear the name of its creator or author. For example: “The playwright announced that he will stage his own version of the famous 15th century anonymous text”, “It is an anonymous tale that has been passed down from generation to generation”, “Anonymous songs used to be sung in medieval villages narrating the tillage tasks ”.

According to DigoPaul, an anonymous author is someone whose name is unknown: “An anonymous author’s book has won the new edition of the San Agustín Prize”, “I have received a script from an anonymous author that has impacted me”, “An anonymous novelist was a finalist in the competition literary organized by the city council ”.

The music popular with a large number of titles of anonymous origin that have transpired decades or centuries and which remain in force. This can be seen especially in the case of Christmas carols, but there are anonymous songs of many genres and styles, and their authorship is often incorrectly associated with the singers who made them famous. In some cases, the original melody of an anonymous song is unknown; instead, the text is associated with the music written by the person who discovered it lost in some library or antique shop.

Another use of the notion is linked to the letter or message that has no signature and that generally includes offensive or threatening content: “I am desperate: last night I received an anonymous letter asking me not to insist on my complaint”, ” We were all stunned to read the anonymous that accused Miguel of being unfaithful to his partner, “” The police are investigating the origin of the anonymous that included a death threat directed at the president. ”

On the Internet, the figure of the anonymous user who makes offensive comments and threatens others with exposing intimate photos and information is increasingly common. Given the ease with which anyone can create an account on many of the main social networks, there are no barriers efficient enough to prevent this type of aggression that, most of the time, does not arise from the desire for revenge for a previous attack, but represents a dangerous and twisted entertainment that aims to harm and humiliate third parties.

The technology known as the cloud allows programs and documents to be executed and stored on remote servers, avoiding the user the need to have space on a local disk, as well as moving their devices to access said information, since it can be done from almost any device with an Internet connection. It doesn’t take a lot of money these days to take advantage of this and other services, and the cloud is one of the newest hotbeds of anonymous attacks, especially against famous people.

How can the authorities act in the face of an anonymous attack ? First of all, it should be mentioned that computer crime specialists tend to sneak around the Internet, avoiding all possible means of tracking them, although this does not mean that a well-organized investigation cannot find their identities sooner or later. The main problem is that not all legislation includes specific sections to fight this type of crime, which means that injured users often do not know who to turn to.

In the field of commerce, finally, a corporation is one that is formed by shares and whose responsibility is limited to the capital that these titles represent. This means that the owners of the commercial company have rights that correspond to their participation in the share capital through the shares.