Meaning of Audacity

From Latin audaca, audacity is the daring or daring. The term can refer to doing something risky, daring, reckless, or reckless. For example: “I did not have the audacity to tell him what he deserves”, “If Ramiro is safe, it is thanks to the audacity of the rescuers”, “The young forward was audacious and asked for the ball at all times”.

Boldness can be viewed positively or negatively. In its positive aspect, boldness is a virtue that leads a person to the conviction that, despite the possibilities and risks, they can achieve a certain goal.

There are people who at no time consider themselves to have audacity and who believe that it is time to work on a personal level to, at least, get certain nuances of it. This is why they are established that to achieve their objective they must carry out a series of tasks or exercises such as the following:
• It is important that a challenge or a small purpose is achieved daily.
• No less significant is the fact that it is recommended that in order to achieve boldness one must periodically assume certain risks that cannot lead to experiencing far-reaching consequences.
• It is vital, in the same way, that the person begins to understand that not everything can be perfect, that it is necessary to accept that there may be a margin of error and that there are failures that are tolerable and understandable.
• It is also recommended to start planning more. In this way, even if risks are assumed, it will be done with the strongest possible foundation.

In addition to all this, it must be stated that audacity is a term that is used very frequently within what is the field of sport. And it is required that to a large extent the players of the different disciplines can count on it to achieve greater triumphs.

Specifically, within this area we talk about what has been called mental audacity, with which the athlete can control their stress levels, enjoy an area or area in which they feel comfortable on a personal and emotional level, and it will improve your performance.

On the other hand, when boldness is misused or does not recognize limits, it becomes a negative. In this case, the subject performs unwise actions without any basis in reality.

The moderation between a beneficial audacity and a harmful audacity must be given by reason. The best thing is that the decisions related to the impulse of the audacity are taken after a calm and conscientious reflection.

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If a person trains for two years to climb a mountain and decides to undertake the journey after having reached the top of other lower mountains and after undergoing different medical studies, one can speak of a bold and brave individual, but not reckless. It would be different if said person wakes up one day and decides to become a mountaineer without any preparation or experience.

Audacity well understood, in short, is linked to the strength of the spirit and the power of will.