Meaning of Crowdfunding Part III

Crowdfunding platforms in Germany

An important task in the context of a crowdfunding campaign is to find the right platform for your own project. While some crowdfunding platforms specialize in certain topics or project types, others are open to anyone interested. The choice of the right portal has a huge impact on the success of the campaign, as different target groups are on different platforms. The following crowdfunding platforms have established themselves and often lead to considerable success:


In the German-speaking area, Startnext is a real force in the field of crowdfunding. More than 3,300 projects have already been advertised on the platform, around half of which have achieved the project goal. The projects brought in a total of 26 million euros, which were used for a large number of projects. At Startnext the motto is “all or nothing”. This means that the amounts made available are repaid to the investors if the financing target is not achieved.

In principle, all desired projects can be presented on the platform from Berlin. Often, however, the crowdfunding campaigns at Startnext have a regional reference. Many investors are specifically looking for projects in their region that are worth supporting. The platform can be used free of charge and there is no commission on the amounts collected. Instead, users should decide for themselves how much money to give to Startnext after a successful project.

Kickstarter is a US crowdfunding platform that has been around in its form since 2009. The portal has been represented in Germany since 2015. The features can now also be used via a Kickstarter app. In total, 100,000 startups have received investments worth more than $ 2 billion over the past ten years. The “all or nothing” rule also applies here. Registering and creating a campaign is completely free. One advantage of Kickstarter is that investments can be made on a very small scale. Kickstarter works on the basis of reward-based crowdfunding.


Just like Kickstarter, the Indiegogo portal also comes from the USA. It has existed since 2008 and offers a particularly wide range. The platform is also represented in Germany. The website is in German and impresses with its great clarity. Participation in the portal and the creation of projects is free of charge. The “all or nothing” principle only comes into play here if requested. In principle, users have the option of keeping the money even if the financing target has not been achieved. Indiegogo charges a 9% funding fee for failed projects. If the project goal has been achieved, the fee is 4%.


In contrast to the previous crowdfunding portals, Seedmatch is limited to a certain type of project. Seedmatch is about corporate financing and thus the promotion and support of business ideas . Seedmatch was one of the first crowdfunding portals in Europe and is now used for all kinds of business start-ups. Investors have the opportunity to support a project with an amount of € 250 or more.


In principle, VisionBakery is also a crowdfunding platform that supports all types of projects. In practice, however, it has been shown that primarily artistic and social projects are represented on the platform. This crowdfunding platform comes from Germany and is based in Leipzig. More and more companies and projects are choosing this platform because it is clearly structured and easy to use.

Many can do more

“Many create more” is a crowdfunding initiative by the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The idea is to combine financial resources with a sense of community and social commitment. What individual cannot achieve, many should tackle and master. A wide variety of projects are supported and implemented here. The portal is intended for recognized non-profit associations and institutions. Above all, a regional connection is desirable.


Exporo is a crowd investing platform from the real estate industry. The main thing is to acquire money for the realization of construction projects. A minimum investment of € 500 in a project is required. This is quite high in the area of ​​crowdfunding, but due to the high financing requirements of the individual projects, it is quite appropriate. If you want to realize a construction project, Exporo has good opportunities to find interested parties and generate the necessary money.

5 tips for a crowdfunding campaign

According to Theinternetfaqs, every crowdfunding project is different and therefore needs an individual approach. However, there are various strategies and tips that can make crowdfunding more likely. The following five pointers should therefore be heeded by all companies that want to acquire money with this model:

Define the period

A time limit for the project is strongly advised. This means that you only have to invest time and money in marketing measures over a specified period of time. In addition, a short-term strategy can be implemented particularly well, as reliable and easily available figures and data can be used.

Generate reach

Reach is everything in crowdfunding. Therefore, all channels should be used to address the largest possible number of people and, above all, your own target group. Social media strategies do a good job here. For example, it is possible to address a large number of people with little effort via Facebook and Instagram. They can easily share and pass on the content offered. This way, many interested parties in particular become aware of your own crowdfunding project.

Use the support and possibilities of a platform

Experience is extremely helpful in crowdfunding. Therefore, it makes sense to first deal with the functionality and possibilities of the respective platform. The best way to do this is to support other projects yourself. It is also advisable to talk to other users of crowdfunding platforms. These usually have useful tips and tricks on how to make your own campaign as popular and successful as possible.

Personalize your project

Giving your own crowdfunding project a face has many advantages. Because most people not only support an idea, but also the people behind it. That’s why a crowdfunding campaign should be as personal as possible. Your own motivation for the project and your own passion for the topic should be made clear. These are the best arguments for investors to give money for a project.

Be creative

Creativity is required. In marketing in particular, it is important to develop and implement interesting ideas. From a video to a hands-on campaign to insights into corporate processes, there are many ways to take your own target group with you and to bind them to your own company.

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