Meaning of Entrepreneurship Part IV

Ethic Entrepreneurship

With Ethnic Entrepreneurship entrepreneurial activity of people is referred to, which have a migration background. Originally, the primary goal of these people was to offer their own migration group their services or products. In most cases, ethic entrepreneurship is a medium or small business. Another special feature is that the employees usually come from the same migration environment. Ethic entrepreneurship plays an important and large role, especially in the area of ​​business start-ups.

High Tech Entrepreneurship

The foundation of such companies in the field of high tech entrepreneurship is primarily based on knowledge-intensive technology. There is a high degree of innovation in such a company. However, high tech entrepreneurship is associated with a lot of effort and a long planning phase for founders. It should also be noted that there are often development times that take a very long time and consume a lot of capital. But if you can come up with a good, well thought-out and, above all, convincing concept in high tech entrepreneurship, there are some very good funding programs available.

Senior Entrepreneurship

According to Photionary, when Senior Entrepreneurship age in the truest sense of the word does not matter. For entrepreneurs in the field of senior entrepreneurship, neither the retirement age nor the statutory age limit is decisive. They work as long as they want and decide for themselves which activities they want to do. Experience shows that with their very long experience they can bring in a lot of positive impulses. Knowledge is not always power, but it definitely cannot be outweighed by gold. That is why senior entrepreneurship is in great demand and nobody would like to do without these entrepreneurs.

Regional entrepreneurship

When it comes to regional entrepreneurship , the name says a lot. Regional entrepreneurship companies are closely connected to their region and the roots of the company lie there too. The pursuit of profit and other things like increased productivity is mostly in the background here. Rather, regional entrepreneurship is about promoting regional ties. This becomes very obvious with these companies in relation to their corporate culture, which is also regionally shaped.


This area of ​​entrepreneurship has taken up the issue of environmental protection and is facing the resulting challenges. The entrepreneurs see great potential for their company in the area of ​​environmental protection and in the environment itself. Ecopreneurship is particularly characterized by the fact that there is a high degree of innovation here. Creative solutions are sought and found, new market niches are discovered and thus a failure of the market is also eliminated. Ecopreneurship thrives on entrepreneurs with visions who pragmatically ensure a sustainable environment.

Serial entrepreneurship

The term Serial Entrepreneurship are serial or multi-founders. Serial founders only ever deal with the current start-up project. Once this has been completed, the next foundation will be tackled. The multiple founder, on the other hand, works on several start-up projects at the same time. However, this does not necessarily focus on the success of such a project. For him it is more important to generate enough capital from the sum of all start-up projects.

Cultural Entrepreneurship

The term cultural entrepreneurship describes innovations that are at home in the creative industries and culture. The goal here is not only to achieve fame and recognition, even with a decline in public support for culture, but also to make a proud profit. In the past, sponsoring has emerged as one of the most important sources of funding for cultural entrepreneurship .

Lean Entrepreneurship

With Lean Entrepreneurship called Lean Startup is described method, which was first mentioned in 2008 by Eric Ries. The principle behind it is not only simple, but also very efficient. With Lean Entrepreneurship, a business idea, service or product is developed and made available to the market very quickly. Lean entrepreneurship is based on customers giving feedback as quickly as possible. On the basis of this feedback, the further development or correction of the product etc. is carried out. This cycle has the effect that in the end the customer receives a product that comes very close to his needs.

Family business

Under family to enterprises, which are mainly organized by the members of a family and directed understands. The combination of ownership and management plays a role here, not the size of the business. Large corporations can be family businesses as well as SMEs. It is important that the family founders or their descendants have decision-making rights in the company.


As franchising cooperation of entrepreneurs is understood with so-called franchisors. The entrepreneurs are legally and financially free in their decisions. You may use the rights or business concepts of the franchisor for a fee. The entrepreneurs benefit from the good reputation, the established business processes and the support from the franchisor, but operate independently and independently. Many obstacles associated with starting a business can be avoided through such cooperation.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurship means job offers and entrepreneurial opportunities especially for young people. This is intended to counteract the harmful effects of growing youth unemployment and the associated poverty. Youth Entrepreneurship relies on the passion and creative potential of young people. They get the chance to realize their own ideas and build their own, successful companies.

Nascent Entrepreneurship

Nascent Entrepreneurship (from English “nascent” = “in the making”) means companies that have taken their first steps in the market. The Nascent Entrepreneurs, for example, applied for a loan in order to be able to implement their business idea. However, such companies have not yet reached market maturity. Nascent entrepreneurs differ from founders in that they are already in the middle of the start-up process.


Multi- entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who do not limit themselves to one company alone. You set up several companies, sometimes in parallel, and gradually lead them to success. This is a very demanding task, as one of the companies must not suffer by concentrating on another. However, successful multi-entrepreneurs manage to realize diverse business ideas and to be active in various areas.

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in the growth and development of an economy. Today entrepreneurship is almost fully recognized because many have recognized its importance. This is also seen by the OECD, because this organization is particularly in favor of promoting this entrepreneurship. She justifies this with the fact that entrepreneurship is classified as a core element of economic performance. This applies above all to change processes in relation to innovations. These are very important today as a dynamic and structural force in an economy.

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