Meaning of SEO Texts

What are SEO texts?

No website without texts? Correct. But the right ones, please! We have already explained what SEO and content mean for your website. But what are SEO texts? Read why texts for websites are not just texts.

1. What are SEO texts?

SEO texts are texts specially produced for websites that have been adapted to the requirements of search engines. Search engine optimized texts aim to get the respective page among the top rankings of the search result pages on Google and Co (in technical jargon: Search Engine Optimization, in short: SEO by Abbreviationfinder). To this end, Google develops and publishes further so-called ranking factors every year. These concern, among other things, the words and sentence structures used in texts. For every search query, Google compares which texts the search term used (in technical jargon: keyword) matches most. SEO texts therefore contain as many keywords as possible , which are particularly often searched for in connection with the topic being dealt with. Read more about keywords here and why keyword research is extremely important for search engine optimized texts.

2. How do you write SEO texts?

When creating SEO texts, you have to take various factors into account. If these factors are neglected or neglected, your text will not be considered by Google and Co. and will be poorly placed. It is therefore strictly forbidden to copy texts produced for print 1: 1 into your website.

Search engine optimized texts are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Keyword-dense
    keywords are important for SEO texts , but quality comes first. You should therefore not exceed a keyword density of 2-3%. You can easily calculate this with the SEO Semantix keyword tool, for example .
  • Text length SEO texts should have at least 300 words. However, Google tends to rate longer content of around 1,000 words better.
  • External links
    Links to other websites show Google that your information can be verified. This is how your text gains credibility.
  • Structure
    Paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points and correct grammar indicate to the search engine that the text is easily consumable for the reader.
  • Code
    A clean structure of the html code, such as the arrangement of the headings, also flows into the ranking. Headings are indicated in the code by the order of magnitude H1 – H6. The main heading is always “H1”, followed by the next smaller heading category – that is, an “H2” – and so on.
  • Semantic terms
    Google can recognize context. The search engine therefore recognizes whether a certain word in one of your SEO texts is, for example, a synonym. The evaluation for this is positive, as such a generically created text can be excluded.

3. SEO texts: the difference to offline readers

Print texts on your website are taboo. Why? The reason lies in the changed online reader behavior. If the same person enthusiastically reads your text in an image brochure, they will probably not even finish reading the same text online.

Reading behavior in online media is based on an F-scheme, the so-called F-shape pattern. The Nielsen Norman Group found this out in 2006 in an eye tracking study . While offline texts are read line by line, online readers are so-called scanners . This means that you scan the text for interesting words, passages and subheadings. The focus is on the upper text area.

Google knows this usage behavior of online readers. Therefore there are the above criteria for SEO texts. A simple structure, regular paragraphs and bullet points make it easier for the “scanner” to capture interesting information quickly.

4. This is why SEO texts are important for B2B

SEO texts therefore play a major role for search engine marketing in B2B. Search engine optimized websites are especially important for B2B companies. Image and reputation vis-à-vis potential and existing customers can be enormously increased or rebuilt through a professional website . Therefore, it is especially important for small businesses in B2B to be found online, because: even with a small budget, SEO can soon bring great success with continuous maintenance . The key is SEO – and with it professional SEO texts too. So you see: nobody can ignore the topic of SEO texts these days. The article gives you an initial overview as a SEO beginner – however, several factors play a role for ultimate SEO success.

What are SEO texts