Mirgorod, Ukraine

The Ukrainian resort of Mirgorod can be compared with the German Baden-Baden, and all thanks to its terminal springs. In terms of its healing properties, Mirgorod water is in no way inferior to its European counterparts. This unique place, which is now visited by residents of 30 countries, was opened by Zemstvo doctor Ivan Zubkovsky. In 1917, thanks to his efforts, the first balneary was opened in Mirgorod. And just 2 years later, Mirgorod receives the status of a state resort. CheckĀ ANDYEDUCATION.COM to learn more about the country of Ukraine.

Mirgorod became a resort thanks to the discovery of a healing spring by Ivan Zubkovsky, a local zemstvo doctor. It was Zubkovsky who founded the first water and mud baths in this city.

How to get to Mirgorod

Mirgorod is located very conveniently. One of the main railway branches of Ukraine passes through this city, connecting Kyiv, Kharkov and Poltava, which means that it is most convenient to get to Mirgorod from these cities.

The best option for tourists from Russia is trains from Kyiv, there are a lot of them, so it is very easy to find a suitable short connection with a train from Moscow. Between Kyiv and Mirgorod about 250 km, the journey will take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the train. A ticket for a high-speed train (2 hours 13 minutes on the way) will cost from 251 UAH one way, for a regular train (4 hours 5 minutes on the way) – from 140 UAH one way.

Sanatoriums of Mirgorod

Mirgorod sanatoriums – there are only four of them – have a gastroenterological profile. In all, the main principle of treatment is low-mineralized sodium chloride water, which is extracted from 8 city sources.

Chlorine and sodium ions, which Mirgorodskaya water contains, stimulate the secretion of the stomach. Calcium ions have an anti-inflammatory effect, and magnesium ions lower cholesterol levels, have a choleretic and antispasmodic effect, and reduce the excitability of the central nervous system.

There is no need to talk about the benefits for the body of copper, iodine, bromine, fluorine, iron, which are contained in Mirgorodskaya. Such water should be drunk in case of diseases of the digestive organs and other systems, taken in baths with it for the effective treatment of diseases of the organs of support and movement, the nervous system, gynecological diseases, and also used in the form of inhalations and washings in diseases of the oral cavity and nasopharynx.

The State Commission for Mineral Reserves of Ukraine in 2000 calculated the mineral water reserves of the Mirgorod deposit. It has been proven that the healing water will last at least another century!

Also in the sanatoriums of Mirgorod, mud therapy is actively and successfully used. By the way, the resort’s balneo-mud bath was recognized more than once or twice as the best in the country. Here, guests are offered more than 50 types of procedures, including a unique method of spinal traction with the help of Swiss Airex belts.

In each of the four sanatoriums, you can take a course of computer volumetric pneumopressing. This technique is used for 200 diseases. And the bottom line is that due to the effect on blood and lymph circulation, blood flow to problematic organs improves, cell regeneration increases, pain goes away, toxins are removed. As a result, the whole body heals!

Nevertheless, each Mirgorod health resort has its own specialization.


The doctors of the sanatorium are just aces of hirudotherapy. And leeches, as you know, treat literally all sores: they are indicated for varicose veins, and for ischemia and hypertension, and these unique worms will calm the disturbing stomach, and you can forget about allergies after the course. Also in “Mirgorod” diseases of the spine are treated, both in adults and in children. Intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, and just bad posture will be corrected by Evminov’s dispensary. Plus health-improving fitness, and after – a sauna.


In the sanatorium “Khorol”, as well as in “Mirgorod”, there are unique treatment rooms – analogues of the Solotvino natural caves. You spend a few minutes a day in them, you can sleep, and you get better! A course of speleotherapy will help to solve some problems with respiratory diseases, skin diseases, hypertension, neuroses. The healing atmosphere of the caves is also useful for a very tired person.

The doctors of the sanatorium also treat with mountain wax – ozocerite, consisting of ceresin, paraffin, mineral oils and resins. This is an effective procedure for patients with arthritis, sciatica, for women with inflammation of the reproductive system.

“Birch Guy”

Patients with diabetes have a direct road to the sanatorium “Birch Guy”. In Ukraine, it is considered a recognized center for the treatment of this disease. Health resort specialists help guests to master the bodyflex technique. This is a special breathing exercise that helps burn fat. Since diabetics often develop ulcers at the site of calluses and corns, and they need to be removed promptly, guests at Berezovy Gay are offered an atraumatic hardware pedicure.


This sanatorium is chosen by people who have problems with blood vessels, although its profile is, of course, wider. Poltava specialists offer EHF-therapy, daily Holter monitoring of electrocardiogram and blood pressure. In “Poltava” you can reduce cholesterol levels with the help of laser blood irradiation: it is useful both for those who have had a heart attack and for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Also in the sanatorium modern methods of treatment of the digestive organs and organs of support and movement are available: diadynamic, amplipulse and magnetic laser therapy. Along with the stomach or spine in “Poltava” you can also treat a chronic runny nose or cough. Herbal inhalations and aromatherapy are here to help you!

In the sanatoriums “Poltava” and “Birch Guy” for the treatment of sinusitis, hearing impairment, glaucoma, pneumocuffs “cap” are used. And very successfully, happy guests say.

Mirgorod, Ukraine