Nails Decorated For Ballad-Pictures

Pictures of Nails Decorated for Ballad

Are you part of those women who like to innovate in nails? Know that there are several types of nails decorated for various purposes including ballad.

In the case of nails decorated for ballad, choose without fear those with very vibrant colors or the most brilliant effects, since the occasion allows innovation without fear. One decorated fingernail option is the 3D nail that can be ugly at home. Learn the step-by-step how to do the 3D nail. To use this nail you need to like to innovate and not be afraid to shine.

To make nails decorated for ballad, you will need: acetone, enamel, glitter with 3D glitter (you will find some nail arts on the market), nailpick (to remove the excess), sponge, cotton and top coat. Initially do your nail, removing excess cuticle, and apply a nail base that will give a final finish; pass an enamel to the color of your preference, apply the enamel with 3D glitter directly on the sponge. Start tapping the sponge from the nail tip to the end of this doing a gradient effect. Then clean the nail corners with cotton and acetone and finally apply the top coat, which will protect the nails.

Now if you like prints, the option to nail decorated nail is the one that can be made only with the application of nail polish or, if you have skill and patience, make the chickinhas with enamel or paint.

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Another option of nails decorated for ballad can be a design to decorate your nails, for this you will need to have ability to draw on the nails.The options are varied, trend trend for spring, flower designs.

Pictures of Nails Decorated for Ballad: