Renew Your Wardrobe in The 2012 Winter Sales. Special Low Cost (I)

Although in many communities the ‘Winter sale’ not begin officially until day seven of January, you can say that we are already in the middle of season discounts. Two months in which many businesses will come to have up to seventy percent of discount in some articles, which in these cases usually coincide with big stocks (i.e. items that are large amounts).

Most expensive firms tend to have reductions more discreet between twenty and thirty per cent – that also are worth – but above all the typical ‘halfway’, a 50% of discount, será the general trend in the Department stores and retail chains. So as you always say in these cases, the best thing to do is to buy with head, don’t go crazy with so much red price and above all to acquire garments of of wardrobe, and are now more that ever one very good investment.

In this special sale made last year have lots of advice practical to your shopping rebajaras. So luck and find the bargain. That said, in this series of posts, we help you to find these items which is worth leaving a few euros.

H & M

This year the signature House Swedish H & M has been directly removed the pictures of clothes from the autumn-winter 2011 collection / 2012, focusing on the summer Collections. The only highlight to cuts is a banner that we redirect to your profile on Facebook, in which advance us to what will be their discounts. Pants from €15, shirts from €10, from € 5 t-shirts or sweaters from €15. In many items more than 50% of discount. Of course there will be a turn?.


If there is a House of fast fashion that this year is throwing the House out the window that’s Topman. The English retalier offers articles from the forties, often reaching more than 50% of reduction, as well as special offers. This is our selection.

Outer garments

An infinity of outer garments from the lighter to the Outerwear Apparel, last by the more casual. Wrap cloth type peacoat (formerly €100 now 50), jacket of cloth Hoodie in charcoal grey with detail in black (formerly €80 now €40), Baseball jacket type Varsity in black-grey and in detail in yellow (formerly now 28 56), Classic trenca made of wool blended with synthetic materials and adorned with large hood topped with hair (formerly €110 now €55).

In the lower part of the image have an original military air jacket padded Brown with detail of green Hunt (before €37 now 24) Paperback, Classic coat is tailoring in tone candy (€180 90 now €), Aviator jacket synthetic brown leather chocolate with detail of neck of lamb color cream (formerly €86 now €43), and finally a type Harrington jacket point in yellow mostazo details quilted gray (formerly €60 now €30).

Point and t-shirts

Cotton and the point in air casual clothing is one of the strengths of Topman. To see that they seem to you these; Basic t-shirt cotton in color raspberry with v-neck (before €9 now €4,50), Jersey with stripes horizontal blue and Bordeaux blending thick and point grille (formerly €40 now €20), dot Cardigan braided blue gradient affection (formerly 56 now € 28), and striped scarf in colors Blue, red and grey (before €22 now €11).

At the bottom, rib-knit with graphic pattern and inside with synthetic hair (before €25 now €15), Jersey cotton with logo retro Dunlop (formerly €24 now €12), Jersey with point-to-ribs the line ‘Design’ (formerly €80 now €40), and Jersey crewneck twisted cut oversize blue (formerly €60 now €30).


Parts of tailoring of air very youthful at very good prices, and more now that they have discounts. Jacket with lapels type dinner jacket in dark gray marbled (before €130 now €65), Basic American two buttons and straight cut (formerly €80 now €40), American costume light grey (formerly €80 now €40) and pants game (before €40 now €20).

And at the bottom wool Pant with plot of spike in dark grey (before €50 now €25), grey waistcoat (formerly €44 now €22), type Tuxedo pants wide leg in blue ink (before €40 now €20) and finally the most expensive garment for all the proposals is Blazer Spike double breasted Brown tobacco made wool mixed with cotton line Design Collection (formerly 338 now €170).

Shoes and accessories

And in how many shoes and accessories, we propose the following list; black leather shoe with sole thick white (before €90 now €45), faux leather perfect chocolate brown for iphone (formerly €15 € 7.50), military air boots Brown leather mahogany (before €90, now €45) and canvas bag in mustard (before €30 now €15).

At the bottom we have leather shoes and suede in brown tones (before €180 90 now €), portfolio imitation leather in toasted tone (before €10 now €5), braided belt skin (before € 24 now €12) and finally Classic shoes cords in skin color toffee (formerly €60 now €30).