Stickers for Nails

Practical, easy to apply, the stickers for the nails can replacing the nail polishes

If you are part of the team of women that love to be with the nails always beautiful, but do not take the shortest way with the brush, the stickers for the nails may be the ideal solution.

Stickers for Nails 1

Different of the decals, which serve only to adorn, the adhesives fill the entire nail, so you can replace the nail polishes.

In addition to the trendy colors, the stickers for the nails can also be found in versions decorated with floral prints, animal print, with polka dots, with glitter, with applications in rhinestones, style, surprise, toned metallized.

They are practical, easy to apply, does not blur, and does not do dirt. Another advantage of stickers for the nails is to not need time for drying, as happens with the nail Polish common. It is only paste and ready to go, nothing to stay still for several minutes, concerned about not bumping into anything in order not to flake and not denting the enamel.

Stickers for Nails 2

How to paste the stickers from the nails?

To apply the stickers to nails there are no secrets. The first step is to remove the patch from the blister pack and apply directly on the nails, which should be clean and dry.

The application of nail stickers requires a little patience and firmness in the hands on time to apply and adjust the slinky. To remove the excess of adhesive, use a nail file as well soft for sanding gently until you remove the “leftovers”.

Stickers for Nails 3