Symbian Shows Interest in Collaborating with Google

This morning, in statements by the current CEO of Symbian, Nigel Clifford, announced the interest of his company to collaborate more with Google.

The representative of the company said that his company is currently working with Google at the level of applications through the inclusion of Google services on Symbian-based phones.

Until now, Symbian incorporates some applications signed by Google on operating systems which manufactures, such as Google Maps or the web browser itself, to a relationship close between both companies. But Symbian would like to increase this relationship, and even take it to further cooperation, working together on fundamental levels as the operating system.

It should be noted that this statement in itself does not mean that they are seeking to merge Symbian with Android or anything. The two operating systems, despite the release of Symbian, they are very different and have different goals, so I think that the idea is to share knowledge about the terminals and are probably better to interpret it as a gesture of goodwill.

Does in fact not more than a few days to Nokia It announced the purchase of Symbian and the transformation of it to open source software, a movement largely interpreted as a way to fend off Android and similar platforms.

With this approach he makes clear that he has no fear of competition, assuming to be the main competitor to unseat, since their system is used by 60% of ‘intelligent’ mobile phones sold.