Tested: Kit to Shave in the Barber Shop Club

The good surprise with the shaving kit from the Barber shop Club has already started with the welcoming bottles of oil pre-shave, shave cream and cream post shave, they all identified with names that refer to their functions. So, we have, respectively, the Tony Little, Tony, Razor , and Vito Lull, used in that order they promise a smooth shave, close and without irritation!

Tested Kit to Shave in the Barber Shop Club 2


I used the products from the Barber shop Club – which is actually a barber shop nice, with two addresses in Curitiba (PR) – for 3 weeks and I was very impressed with the results, and can affirm that the promises are met with praise, especially if we take into consideration the fact that many brands have turned to male grooming, with prices well above, can’t please me so much.

As I said, the products of the Barber Club are treated as characters, with catchphrases credited to each of them, the tag itself does not comes as a kit, preferring to call them “Powerful Trio”, perhaps a reference to the term “power trio” that designates a rock band with only 3 members. Learn more about the items tested and to know their functions:

Tony Way – Oil Pre Shave

It is an oil skin prep before you apply the cream for shaving and pass the blade, so can be considered the first step to be taken. The bottle contains just 30ml, but it is enough, since the oil spreads well and does not need a large quantities, additionally comes with a spout (photo/detail to the right), which facilitates dosing the how much will be applied.The fragrance is mild and manly, similar to that of other members of the trio, which is great, because it does not have the danger of the emergence of a third scent in the mix of products with different scents, something common when you mix brands or lines of items for shaving.

Basic functions: moisturize skin, prevent irritation and ingrown hairs

How to use: simply moisten the face with warm water and apply in the region of the beard, but do not rinse, the shaving cream will be applied then and about the oil.

Tested Kit to Shave in the Barber Shop Club 3

Note: contains alpha bisabol natural that is antiseptic, antimicrobial, bactericidal, cicatrizant.

Beto Razor – Cream for Shaving

Different from shaving foams that take account of the face, this cream does not need a thick layer to aid the pass of the blade, the partnership with the Tony Littlemakes the razor or the razor to slide smoothly, in addition it doesn’t hurt anyone who just wants to trim and style the beard, because it does not cover the face completely, it just creates a film (picture/detail to the right). The bottle contains 120g and has a common format, but effective, as it allows a good dosage. With has already been said, the fragrance remains the same and does not fight with the other members of the trio.

Basic functions: soften the hair, to facilitate the sliding of the blade and does not make foam to facilitate the vision at the time of styling.

How to use: still with the oil on the face, spread a layer of cream in the region of the beard, after you pass the blade. When you finish, just rinse with cold water.

Tested Kit to Shave in the Barber Shop Club

Note: contains a layer of hops and squalano plant, both of which are antiseptic and antimicrobial.

Vito Calm – Aftershave

Do not be fooled by the blue tone to this cream, it disappears completely when applied on the skin, requiring a very small amount to do the job (picture/detail to the right) what should you do with the 60 g contained in the bottle will last for a good time! Once applied it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness, soothing the areas of irritated skin in very little time, which was not very difficult, taking into account that the double of the previous product greatly reduced the damage that the blade usually do on my skin, which, by the way, it is quite sensitive.

Basic functions: soothes the skin and helps in wound healing

How to use: simply apply a small amount to face and neck soon after shaving, spreading, always with light movements.

Note: has the infusion of hops to hydration of the skin, without greasiness and without clogging of the pores, in addition to the Bisabolol and the Azuleno, natural assets that assist in the reduction of irritation caused by the blade and Allantoin for skin regeneration.