There Are Thirteen for Mobile Virtual Operators

With the advent of virtual mobile operator not is if the market is going to get warm, or going to see such brands like cocoa many users will prefer to stay as they are.

And it is that there are now thirteen companies that have a license A2 that enables them for the provision of mobile phone as a virtual operator service, and in addition, the CMT It has recorded more than one hundred of companies who have requested and have a provisional authorisation for resale of mobile services.

According to the consulting firm Delaware It is possible that the OMV is segmented into two types, those who seek to compete through price with three companies with network, Telefónica Móviles, Vodafone and Amena, and on the other hand, those who act as allies of an operator’s mobile network in competition with other operators.

Nevertheless, any virtual network operator has signed yet an agreement with any of the three companies with network. Seems to be that Tele2 He expected to sign an agreement in September and be the first to leave at end of year. Also El Corte Inglés and Carrefour keep conversations to provide virtual services.

It remains to be seen how the business develops, but in a market where there are already more mobile population, and of the four operators with real network, one has not yet begun to operate, and another has been losing users from months ago. How is them they will arrange the newcomers to attract customers?

I think that unless the two large supermarkets, which sell you whatever they want, and any operator of Internet to complete its offer with calls to mobiles, all others have rather crude. In the end, we hope to take advantage of a drop in rates.