Treatment With Plasma Against Wrinkles

Platelet-rich plasma is a portion of the blood that can be filtered to be used as a form of padding against wrinkles. This treatment with plasma in the face is indicated for deep wrinkles or not, but it lasts only 3 months, because it is absorbed by the body.

This fill is well-tolerated and causes no side effects, costing between 500 and 1000 real. This technique can also be used to treat acne scars, dark circles, and deep to combat the baldness, when applied on the scalp.

As acts

The blood plasma against wrinkles because it is rich in growth factors that stimulate the production of new cells in the area where it is applied, and also leads to the emergence of new collagen fibers that support the skin naturally. The result is a more youthful skin and without brands, being especially indicated to combat wrinkles of the face and neck.

Treatment With Plasma Against Wrinkles 1

How is it treated

The treatment with plasma rich in platelets is done in the office of the dermatologist the following steps:

  • The doctor takes a syringe full of the blood of the person, as well as an examination of the normal blood;
  • Place this blood in a specific equipment, where it is centrifuged and separated the plasma from the other blood components;
  • Following this plasma rich in platelets is applied directly on the wrinkles through an injection.

The whole procedure lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, being a great alternative to promote the rejuvenation of the face, thus offering the skin renewed, hydrated and with good elasticity.

The skin filling with plasma rich in platelets used for the treatment of wrinkles, removal of acne scars and dark under-eye circles, following the same application technique.

How long it lasts

Treatment With Plasma Against Wrinkles 2

The effect of each application lasts about 3 months and the result can start to be seen soon on the same day. However, the number of plasma applications that each person needs should be indicated by a dermatologist because it depends on the amount of wrinkles present, and its depth, but usually the treatment is done with 1 application per month, during at least 3 months.

The plasma is quickly absorbed by the body but the new cells will stay for a longer time, but they will also lose their functions, because the body will continue aging naturally.

Care after the application of the plasma

Care after the application of the plasma to avoid exposure to the sun, the use of saunas, exercise physical, massage on the face and cleaning of the skin during the 7 days following the treatment.

After the application of the plasma on the face can arise pain and redness, temporary swelling, purple spots and inflammation on the skin, but which usually disappear after a day or two after application. After the reduction of the swelling, you can apply ice on the spot, and it is permissible to use creams and makeup on the same day of application.

Treatment With Plasma Against Wrinkles 3