Vitamins to Take Stains of the Skin

Two great natural remedies to take away skin blemishes are Pycnogenol and Theine. These vitamins are great solutions to unify the tone of your skin, as they renew the skin from the inside out, nourishing it, protecting it and removing the unwanted blemishes.

Although these herbal remedies should be used only under the guidance of the doctor, fitoterapeuta or pharmacist.

Key benefits

Its benefits include:

The Pycnogenol is a substance extracted from the leaves of the maritime pine that:

Vitamins to Take Stains of the Skin 1

  • Protects the skin cells;
  • Has antioxidant action, reducing the speed of ageing of the organism;
  • Has action anti-wrinkle;
  • Lightens the skin;
  • Blocks the action of the solar rays on the skin;
  • Increases firmness, smoothness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Pycnogenol can also be found with the trade name Flebon.

The Theine is a nutricosmético composed of lutein that:

  • Has antioxidant action, fighting the aging;
  • Protects the skin cells against free radicals generated by the action of ultraviolet rays and artificial light;
  • Increases hydration, elasticity and the amount of lipids responsible for skin hydration;
  • Helps to prevent melasma, which are dark spots on the skin, it strengthens the action of melanin against external aggressions.

Vitamins to Take Stains of the Skin 2

When are indicated

Pycnogenol and theine are indicated to remove dark spots from skin caused by the sun, melasma, prevent premature ageing, increase the hydration.

How to use

It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day along with a meal, and on average, the results can be seen after 3 months of use of the supplement.

Where to buy and Price

Vitamins to Take Stains of the Skin 3

To buy the pills to take skin blemishes such as Pycnogenol and Theine just go to any pharmacy, drugstore, store, manipulation, or purchase through the internet. The price of pills to take skin blemishes vary between R$ 80 to 200.