What is Delicacy?

Delicacy is a term that is linked to finesse or subtlety. The concept allows to name the attention and the exquisite attention in the action or in the words. For example: “She is a very sweet girl, who moves delicately”, “You have to speak delicately, but tell the truth”, “She was not very delicate when making the move”.

Delicacy is associated with softness and tenderness. A delicate person, in this sense, avoids abruptness and violence, and tries to behave with affection and respect. Delicacy implies speaking in a low and calm voice, avoiding shouting and handling yourself calmly: “I think that more things can be achieved with delicacy than with violence”, “Raúl always treated me with delicacy, that’s why I can’t believe what you say ”, “Forget delicacy: if you want to be heard in this company, you have to impose yourself by force”.

In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to underline the fact that the person who acts with delicacy and treats others with her, is someone who also comes to make it clear that she is simple, respectful, affable, serene, with a capacity for self-control and tolerant. when it comes to dealing with other people.

In the latter case, in what would be the relationship with other individuals, it must be made clear that the person who has delicacy shows it by his patience, by his respectful way of treating them, because he waits for them to finish expressing themselves in order to present their ideas., because she is relaxed at all times and because she never raises her voice.

For these reasons, it is considered that someone who possesses this quality or value is someone who offers the possibility of enjoying a calm, relaxed conversation in total harmony.

We should also point out that there is a film entitled “La delicadeza”. In 2011, the premiere of this production took place, which is directed by David Foenkinos and Stéphane Foenkinos.

The famous actress Audrey Tautou, known for her role in the film “Amelie”, is the one in charge of giving life to the protagonist. She is a young woman who suffers a severe setback in her day to day life when she loses the love of her life. However, little by little, she will be able to overcome that pothole and thus fall in love with a co-worker of hers, who is all tenderness of her with her.

The concept can also be used in an ironic or derogatory sense to suggest that a man is homosexual. This can be explained from the consideration of delicacy or softness as a mainly feminine characteristic: “Why so much delicacy? He acts like a man and eats with his hand, you don’t need cutlery for that”, “The new boy speaks too delicately… it seems to me that he plays on the other side”.

Delicacy, finally, is related to fragility (the quality of objects that break easily): “Please, treat that table with delicacy: it is made of glass and scratches at the slightest touch”.