What Is Mesotherapy Hair and How It Works

Mesotherapy is a technique used to treat hair loss chronic from the application directly to the scalp of substances that stimulate the growth of hair. The procedure should be performed by a dermatologist specialist after the examination of the scalp.

The amount of sessions depends on the intensity of the fall, and its recommended range of 1 week to 15 days between sessions. The price of mesotherapy varies according to the clinical and severity of the baldness, which may cost each session between R$200 and R$500,00.

When it is indicated

What Is Mesotherapy Hair and How It Works 1

Mesotherapy is indicated for men and women who suffer with the constant decline of hair due to nutritional deficiencies, poor care, stress and even genetic factors, which is the case of alopecia. Learn what is alopecia and the main causes.

This procedure is an alternative for those people who did not get the result or do not wish to make oral treatment to avoid hair loss. However, before the mesotherapy is indicated, the dermatologist will make an assessment of the scalp of the person to verify the degree of baldness, and if the root of the thread is dead, this is not the procedure indicated.

Mesotherapy is not indicated for pregnant women, women breastfeeding and people who have allergy to any of the substances used in the procedure.

As it is made

What Is Mesotherapy Hair and How It Works 2

Mesotherapy is performed by a dermatologist specialist after the evaluation of the scalp to verify the intensity of hair loss and thus to define if this type of treatment is best and how many sessions are needed. Are normally held sessions with intervals of weekly or biweekly, depending on the medical evaluation.

The procedure is primarily done with a cleanup of the region to be treated, followed by the application directly to the scalp, by means of a fine needle, of substances able to improve the blood circulation in the region and stimulate the healthy growth of the wires. Typically the substance applied is a mixture of vitamins, aminácidos, finasterideand minoxidil, which together act by promoting the growth of the wires and ensure a look beautiful and healthy.

It is a procedure performed directly on the scalp, the results are faster than the oral treatment. However, being an invasive procedure, there may be redness and local swelling, but these effects resolved spontaneously.

What Is Mesotherapy Hair and How It Works 3

Despite being a very effective treatment, it is important that the person acquire healthy habits to avoid hair loss in other locations of the head. Check out some foods that prevent hair loss.