What is Raw Vegan?

A person, by choosing what types of food to consume, develops a certain food regimen. These habits that constitute your diet can be acquired for health, ethical or other reasons.

Raw veganism, in this framework, is the diet followed by those who only consume raw vegetables. It is a more limited version of veganism, whose essence is to reject products of animal origin.

A raw vegan individual, therefore, eats only vegetables that have not been cooked. Your menu can include vegetables, legumes and fruits, for example, always raw.

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The raw vegan diet is often adopted to respect all forms of animal life. The raw vegans, in this way, reject the exploitation of animal species, maintaining that it is possible to eat vegetables. As for the choice of raw foods, it is associated with the beneficial properties offered by these fresh foods.

When food is cooked, nutrients and enzymes are lost, something that does not happen if the food is kept raw. Many times these raw foods are immersed in water to activate the enzymes before consumption.

According to raw vegans, this diet allows you to stay healthy. In order not to suffer disorders, it is necessary to make a balance between vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts and the rest of the foods that are eaten.

On the other hand, in addition to respect for animal life, raw veganism promotes care for the ecology : no energy is spent on cooking food and forest resources are not used to feed livestock.

Those who consider themselves raw vegans because they carry out this type of diet, do not hesitate to indicate that this allows them to enjoy another series of advantages, in addition to those already indicated, such as these:

-Get your body totally clean because your diet is purifying.

-In the same way, it stands out that it is a type of food that provides great hydration to the body. And it is that most of the products that are consumed are formed in a very high part by water.

-It is also highlighted that with it a high contribution of chlorophyll to the body is achieved, which is present in many vegetables that they take. This will mean that the cells are adequately nourished and even that they are oxygenated in a better way.

-It is also considered to prevent aging and avoid constipation problems while improving defenses.

On the contrary, those who are against raw veganism do so arguing that this type of diet entails a notable series of disadvantages, among which the following stand out:

-This diet means that the body may have a notable lack of vitamin B12.

-It is considered that people who begin to be raw vegans may have serious difficulties in adapting to this new diet. So much so that they can suffer from dizziness, lack of energy, a constant feeling of tiredness and even acne.

-You can fall into nutritional deficiencies if you do not have adequate advice.