Meaning of Aura

Aura is a notion with multiple uses. Its etymological root leads us to a word in the Greek language that can be translated as “blow”. That is why the concept can be used with reference to a puff, a breeze or a breath.

The term, on the other hand, is often used as a synonym for charm or the massive acceptance that something has. For example: “This place has a very special aura: whenever I come I have good times”, “The rock band has already lost the aura that it enjoyed for more than a decade”, “In the play you could see a particular aura”.

The expression “aura of” is used with respect to a halo or a glow that surrounds something or someone: “In 2002, the Argentine basketball team destroyed the unbeatable aura of the American team made up of NBA stars”, “The drug trafficker he moves through the country with an aura of impunity “, ” I was sorry for that old man with aura of vulnerability.

In the context of parapsychology, a supposed energy field that surrounds human beings, animals, plants and objects in general is called aura. This field is made up of lights that parapsychologists claim certain people can notice.

Although photographs of the aura have been provided, scientists claim that there is no evidence of its existence and attribute the images to different optical, chemical and physical phenomena.

Finally, the aura is a sensation that some people have before the onset of a paroxysmal attack. Usually this idea is linked to the feeling before an epileptic seizure.

Seeing bright lights, hearing distorted sounds, and smelling strange are some of the sensations that make up the aura.

In the same way, we cannot overlook that Aura is also a female name. Specifically, it is established that it belongs to women who stand out for having a great fighting capacity. However, it is also indicated that they are detailed, intelligent and capable of doing their best in order to achieve the objectives that have been set.

It is also established that they enjoy their independence a lot, that they have a great predilection for the art world and that they are friendly. Not forgetting that it is established that they do not hesitate to always help those who need it most, who are very organized and who do not like to leave anything to improvisation, it gives them security to have things prepared and planned.

In recent years, in Spain, this name has achieved some popularity as a result of the figure of the actress Aura Garrido. This is an interpreter who has achieved great success in the world of television thanks to her work in the series “Angel o demon” and “The Ministry of Time.” That without overlooking his roles in films such as “Planes para Mañana” (2010), “El cuerpo” (2012), “Asesinos inocentes” (2014) or “La reconquista” (2016).

Nor should we forget Aura Kingdom, which is a video game created by the Taiwanese company X-Legend. It has a marked anime style and characters such as guardians, fighters, sorcerers, executioners or archers, among others, take center stage.