Meaning of Aurora

The concept of aurora has many uses. The word comes from the Latin word aurora, which is linked with meanings such as “aura”, “glow” and “shine”. It can refer to the pinkish-hued lighting that precedes the appearance of the sun and, by extension and symbolism, the origin or beginning of something.

For example: “He left with the dawn covering his face”, “We are before the dawn of a revolutionary project “, “I just fell asleep with the dawn.

It is known as polar aurora to a particular luminosity that appears in the sky during some nights in the polar regions. This phenomenon is generated from the collision of solar electrons and protons against the poles, an event that produces a dim light. The Northern Hemisphere Polaris is called the Northern Lights, while the Southern Hemisphere Northern Lights are called the Southern Aurora.

Aurora, on the other hand, is the Roman goddess of dawn, sister of the Sun and the Moon. Mythology states that Aurora flies through the skies to announce the arrival of dawn. With the tears she sheds for the death of one of her children, the dew is created.

It should be noted that Aurora is also a proper name for a woman, whose saints are September 8.

The composer and conductor Héctor Panizza composed an opera entitled « Aurora «. One of his arias, entitled “Canción a la Bandera”, is one of the official songs of Argentina. His lyrics say: “High in the sky, a warrior / fearless eagle soars in triumphal flight.

The plane that never saw the light of day

The name Aurora is also related to a reconnaissance ship whose existence was never confirmed. Despite the lack of evidence, this supposed North American project became a myth that would last for more than two decades.

In March 1990, Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine released the news: in the budget that the North American government had presented for the year 1985, the amount of 455 million dollars destined to the production of a «ship black ». The article spoke of an “Aurora project”, which referred to a group of exotic ships and not to a particular model. Apparently, around 1987, the already considerable sum of money reached 2.3 billion.

Without a doubt, the main reason for the success of the Aurora rumor is that it would supposedly reach Mach 6 speed, 6 times that of sound. Such was the suggestion from the public that in the mid-1990’s there were reports of sightings of the ultrasonic craft in California and the UK. Witnesses claimed to have seen strangely shaped smoke trails and heard sonic booms, as well as unidentified flying objects. The lack of explanations by the government, added to the expectations of the people, made these phenomena quickly relate to the already popular North American project.

One of the most resounding testimonies came from Bob Lazar, who had worked for the mysterious S-4 facility in Nevada. In his statement, he claimed to have seen an Aurora in flight while he was traveling by bus near Groom Lake. The noise produced by the ship, according to Bob, had been a tremendous roar that seemed to be tearing the sky. Despite not having had the opportunity to observe it in detail, he was able to describe several of its physical characteristics, such as that it was large. In addition to recounting his encounter with the plane, he said he had received confirmation from his supervisor that it was the mythical Aurora.